event date: Saturday 28 November 2015
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Event Information

Event Information

Get clued up about the Contact Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

Event Date:
The next Contact Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge takes place on Saturday 28 November 2015.
The 2016 40th anniversary event will be held on Saturday 26th November.

Online entries will be open from 1 July to 21 November 2015.

Event Terms and Conditions:
Terms and Conditions 2015

Event Locations:
All categories are based around Lake Taupo and the surrounding area. The main start and finish is on Tongariro Street, Taupo with all pre- and post-event activities on event day taking place on the Tongariro North Domain and the adjacent Great Lake Centre.

Welcome Guide:
The 2014 Welcome guide  available for your reference.  Everything you will need to know about event day and getting here.

Timing Device

Requests for adjustments or additions to official timing as a result of damage or incorrectly fitting  the timing device will incurr a $20 charge

Further Event Information

Event Registration

Great Lake Centre, Tongariro Street, Taupo
Friday 27 November 10am – 10pm
Saturday 28 November 6am – 8am

  • Event packs with ride numbers and timing tags built into the bike tags must be collected from Event Registration between the above times.
  • You must print and bring your confirmation email with your bib number to Event Registration to collect your event pack.
  • Event packs for relay teams should be collected by one team member.
  • All minor spot prizes are drawn at Registration.

Late Entries

Late Entries:
Late entries can be made at Event Registration, Great Lake Centre, Tongariro Street, Taupo:
Friday 27 November 10am – 10pm only (NOT available on Saturday)

  • An additional fee of $20 applies to all late entries except Elite, an additional $5 fee applies to Kids Heart Ride riders and Lakesider

How to Get Here

Download the route map for entry into Taupo and for parking in the CBD.

Please note: When you travel to our event or any bike event and put your bikes on a rack at the rear of your vehicle, you must not cover your vehicle licence plate. For information regarding supplementary number plates visit NZTA.


Safety is paramount. We strive to continually improve our  event in order to ensure that it is as safe as possible, but we need your help!

We ask all entrants to abide by the following rules:

  • You must have had your bike and helmet checked before coming to the event.
  • NO ACCOMPANYING VEHICLES ARE NECESSARY OR ALLOWED ON THE COURSE; riders using such vehicles may be disqualified from the event.
  • Obey the course marshals’ directions – they are for your safety.
  • Do not ride on aero bars when you are in a bunch.
  • If you anticipate riding in a bunch then read our Bunch Riding notes here.
  • Practice riding in a bunch so you know how it works.
  • All traffic laws must be obeyed. Police traffic safety officers will be patrolling the course.
  • There are many precautions that we take to make your ride a safe one, but remember that the entire course takes place on public roads, open to all traffic.
  • Electronic Timing: All entrants are issued with a bike sticker with a timing strip already attached, which you stick around your bike seat post. This strip electronically records your time as you cross the start and finish lines and as relay riders exit interchange points. These are disposable and do not need to be returned.


Free Bike and Helmet Checks

Your bike must be in a safe condition for the ride.  These dealers offer a Bike and Helmet free check.  Note that this does not include any parts or labour needed to repair your bike. This great service is available to entrants in the Contact Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge only, so you must present your registration confirmation.

Please prepare your bike in good time.

Course Services

All road surfaces are sealed, are of a good national standard and the entire course is well sign-posted and marshalled. Police traffic safety officers patrol the course. The following course services are provided:

  • Rest/water/Peakfuel hydration stops at all relay interchanges & 7 other drink stations
  • Portaloos at all relay interchanges & drink stations
  • Rubbish bins at all relay interchanges & drink stations
  • Bike mechanics at all relay interchanges
  • Sag wagons
  • St. John ambulance services

Drop Bags

You can use your Event Bag as a drop bag in which you can leave gear at the start, relay interchange points or Half the Lake start at Kuratau School. Your bag will be brought back to Taupo for you to collect later. These are delivered to the Drop Bag returns point. See event map for it’s location.

NOTE: We are unable to move bags from the start to the relay interchange points, or between the relay interchange points.

Bibs, Number Plates & Over Caps – Who’s Who?

Bib numbers for all categories will be sent to you after your online registration is complete.

Bike Barn Solo 
Bib Number 1 – 6599
Colour White

Bib Number 6600 – 6699
Colour White

Bib Number 6700 – 6999
Colour Peach

Contact Huka Challenge
Bib Number 7000 – 7999
Colour Purple

Contact Huka Steamer
Bib Number 8000-8499
Colour Brown

Contact Huka Cruiser
Bib Number 8500 – 8999
Colour Green

Holden Men’s Classic Race
Bib Number 9000 – 9199
Colour Red

OPI Women’s Road Race
Bib Number 9200 – 9299
Colour Red

Contact Huka XL Race
Bib Number 9300 – 9399
Colour Red

Barfoot & Thompson Enduro
Bib Number 9600 – 9799
Colour Blue

Barfoot & Thompson Maxi Enduro
Bib Number 9800 – 9899
Colour Violet

Barfoot & Thompson Extreme Enduro
Bib Number 9900 – 9999
Colour Yellow

Half The Lake 73km
Bib Number 10000-11999

4 Person Relay
Bib Number 10000 – 12999
Colour Green

Bib numbers 12500 – 12999
Colour Black

Bib number   13000 13999


Cadence Club Bibs

  • Bronze completed 10+ events
  • Silver completed 15+ events
  • Gold completed 20+ events
  • Diamond completed 25+ events

Bike Barn Solo
Start Group Helmet Sticker Dots:

  • 1 – Yellow
  • 2 – Black
  • 3 – Green
  • 4 – Purple
  • W1 – Pink
  • 5 – Orange
  • 6 – Maroon
  • 7 – Blue
  • W2 – Red
  • 8 – White
  • 9 – White

Over Caps:

  • Barfoot & Thompson Enduro – Yellow
  • Barfoot & Thompson Maxi Enduro – Pink
  • Barfoot & Thompson Extreme Enduro – Green